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Creating or joining a Travco group

With Travco account, you can enjoy features which are not server specific - such as having a private folder for your attack reports, liked reports and so on.

But the available features are still limited - Travco does not know at which servers and accounts you're playing, who are your teammates etc. In its heart, Travco is made to be a collaborative tool - many features require you to be a part of a Travco group (If you are a lone wolf, or if you are just checking out Travco, don't worry. It is completely fine if you are the group's only member).

Join a group
To join an existing Travco group, you will need a link provided to you by some of the leaders of your alliance.
Upon opening the link, you will see a form with pre-filled group name and a select field for Travian account. Choose your account and click Submit.

Create a group
To create a new group, click the Create a group button in the Choose group tab in the sidebar. In the form, set your group name, your Travian server and account.

You are now a member of Travco group. That means you can manage your Travian account statistics, compare them to other members in the Leaderboards, defend or attack together and much more. The full set of available features depends on the rank which was given to you by the group leaders.
You can check your permissions in this group by clicking your rank name in the sidebar (under your nickname).