Cropper updates, hybrid units and fixes

Version: 2.11.0 Date: 16.07.2023

Today, we have prepared some new functionality in the supplied villages (Cropper) as well as hybrid units.


- Empty granary records are now shown mong incoming merchants.

- Ability to update consumption of the village without importing merchants.

- A warning triangle will appear if an incoming merchant will overflow the granary.

- Importing periodic merchant routes from other croppers.

- Avg/h resources sent in the statistics.



- Marksmen and Mercenaries are counted towards both OFF and DEF strength

- Some minor fixes...

Incoming attacks updates, Marketplace fixes

Version: 2.10.0 Date: 02.04.2023

In this update, we ship a couple of improvements in Incoming attacks reporting and updates in marketplace data parser after recent Travian update

  • Raids and green-marked attacks are no longer reported (optional) when uploaded through rally point.
  • The ordering of incoming attacks in Travco is now the same as in Travian.
  • The recent update in Travian broke our marketplace page parser. We've made the necessary updates and Resource push & Cropper features now work again.
  • Increased pagination size choices in Cropper.
  • Added RU translations.
  • Fixed displayed granary status percentages in Cropper on 2.+ pages.


Version: 2.9.1 Date: 28.02.2023

In this update, we ship a number of bug fixes. Notably, hero reports and subsidy merchants sometimes duplicating.

  • Updating cropper status (incoming merchants) no longer requires Travco membership.
  • Fixed invalid images when reporting Travian hero.
  • Fixed "message in Travian" button link in Missing members page.
  • Fixed Resource push merchants sometimes being duplicated.

Online status table

Version: 2.9.0 Date: 12.02.2023

In this update we ship a new feature - Online status tables accompanied by performance improvement.

Online status table

A new feature which allows user to input their online times.

Player online status is visible to the group leaders and their duals, so they can coordinate their actions better. It also shows in the attack planning at each attack.

This is an initial version of this feature and we'll be making more updates to it. Your feedback is very welcome - please don't hesitate to write us on our Discord channel if you have any suggestion.


  • On some occasions, the site was loading slow. This should now be improved.
  • Updated code dependencies to latest versions.

Farmlist analysis improvements

Version: 2.8.0 Date: 29.01.2023

In this update, we ship some quality of life improvements to Farmlist feature

  • Ability to select the time frame to be considered in the analysis (that is, consider only raids which happened in the last day, 2 days, etc.)
  • Performance chart in farmlists now respects the selected time frame.
  • Farmlist target detail now opens in a modal.
  • Farmlist target detail now contains a histogram of raid loots and also selectable time frames.

Duals sharing premium features and more

Version: 2.7.0 Date: 24.01.2023

In this update we're shipping a feature which grants all duals the same Travco membership, updated Discord notification for incoming attacks and other smaller updates.

Duals share Travco premium membership

  • All duals on an account will now share the highest Travco membersip on given account.
  • Example:
    • Player P1 is Professional member and P2 is Plus member.
    • P1 and P2 are duals in Travco group G1.
    • Both P1 and P2 will have Professional Travco membership on G1. In other groups, P2 will have Plus membership.


Other updates

  • Incoming attack notification on Discord now includes all new attacks in a single message. This should result in a lot less spam and cleaner messages.
  • Updated checking for new Travian server to a more reliable source.
  • Farmlist charts now display Travco score and average loot for 2 days (by hour) and last 14 days (by day).
  • Updated spacing of attack reports.
  • Update to script which loads new server data. 

Updated hero parser & other

Version: 2.6.0 Date: 15.01.2023

In this patch, we ship update to a hero parser and minor quality of life changes.

  • Hero parser now works reliably from the website (previously, it was possible only through browser extension)
    • Fixed hero boots change sometimes not registered
  • Sent defense now show also which units were sent, not just total strength
  • Updated Farmlist parser so it handles old reports date correctly
  • Special Farmlists & browser extension promotion is now over and is again only for Travco Plus+ members.

Farmlists feature rework

Version: 2.5.0 Date: 18.12.2022

In this patch, we've reworked the Farmlists feature significantly, along with some other improvements.

Farmlists update

  • The whole interface of Farmlists has been reworked.
    • Each target now has a "performance semaphore" which displays different kind of metric for given farm. This makes it very intuitive and fast to spot underperforming farms and identify their strong and weak spots. You can adjust the threshold values for each semaphore colour according to your needs.
  • Travco is now displaying these metrics:
    • Average loot per hour of unit travel
    • Average raided resources
    • Average filled capacity of raids
    • Travco score. Calculated from a combination of statistics, measures the efficiency of units allocation in different farms. 
  • A new filters have been added to the Farmlists feature, which helps to filter out farms based on various statistics.
  • We're now supporting the upload of farmlist raids directly from the Travian reports page, so you can import even historical raids. It is always necessary to upload your farmlists from the farmlist page before you start importing them from reports page.


A new Discord bot notifications for Resource pushes and Cropper

  • Discord notification for resource push creation
  • Discord notification for resource push countdown
  • Discord notification for cropper update
  • Add support for 3x merchants in both Resource push and Cropper
  • Fix bug in Cropper where a calculated TradeRoute entry wasn't replaced by real merchant due to Travian not sending routes at the same second
  • Adding Granary empty time to Cropper detail view
  • Standardizing merchants report: from all merchant report forms we upload all merchants to all Resource push and Cropper villages
  • Adding "Report outgoing merchants" button to cropper detail view. This means that players who're sending the resources can now report their outgoing merchants in Cropper (similarly to how Resource pushes have been working for some time now).


Removing Google Analytics

We have stopped using Google Analytics on Travco website and replaced it with a self-hosted alternative which does not use cookies for tracking.


Hide artifacts

Added ability to hide uninteresting artifacts, so they are not cluttering the artifacts planning space.


🎉Travco browser extension and Farmlists feature promotion🎉

Until the beginning of January, Farmlists feature is free for all users. Install the browser extension here and enjoy trying out the farmlists feature for free!

Travco now speaks Polish 🇵🇱

Version: 2.4.0 Date: 29.11.2022

Many thanks to clydelele for his hard work with the translations!

Sent def notifications, Def planning update

Version: 2.3.0 Date: 21.11.2022

This update includes a new type of notifications for Discord bot, a new page in defense planning to see all attacks of some attacker and many smaller improvements or bug fixes.
We're also extremely happy to welcome a new contributor to Travco code - Zsolt! 🎉

Discord - sent defense notification

Discord bot can now send you a notification each time a member sends defense to some def call.

Leaders can enable this feature by filling the Discord channel to send this notification to in the bot settings.


Defense planning - Attackers view

Defense coordinators can now see all attacks sent by single enemy easily. This feature is available in the defense planning page.


Other improvements and bug fixes

  • In farmlists feature, new reported raids have their capacity % calculated from the raid capacity. We also filter out raids with different troops than those specified in the farmlist, which sometimes resulted in over 100% capacity performance of some farms. (Thanks Zsolt for this feature!)
  • Last checked field in reporting incoming attacks is now required, so more reported attacks should have possible incoming troops filled. This will save some struggle and time to the defense coordinators.
  • Added sending time to defense CSV exports
  • Full defense call are now showed at the end of the list in Defense calls list page.
  • We now display message when Inactive search feature can't be used for some server because there is not enough data collected yet.
  • Fixed farmlists sometimes not uploading, when some raid was performed with hero only.
  • Fixed timeline chart (account or village strength) spacing.