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The best alliance and personal tools for Travian: Legends.

Everything you need as a leader and a member at one place.
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mountains, a village and a green land

Why use Travco?

Travco is the largest Travian toolbox available on the internet. With both personal and alliance-managing tools, we've got you covered in any situation. Having all the tools in a single application allows for synergy between the tools and sharing of information among them, which makes Travco truly unique.

Attack cooperating

It is easy to get lost in the brawl of war. Travco allows you to plan, coordinate and execute huge attacks with precision.

Defense planning

Unique defense planning with incoming attack analyser. And a summary of all incoming attacks in one table. Defending has never been easier.

Discord integration

Integrate Travco directly into your Discord channel and be notified about important events in a matter of seconds.

Artifact organization

In a hurry when artifacts are spawning? Travco offers a fast and reliable artifact system where you easily copy-paste your treasury and plan attacks for your members.


Ever struggled managing WW village crop status? Want to monitor a resource push for your player? Supply feature allows you to prevent problems long before they occur by monitoring incoming merchants.

Report overview

Report all attacks, defense and spyings at one place. Reports are organised into separate folders and used in other parts of Travco. For example, displayed next to incoming attacks.

Inactive search

Find inactive farms fast and easy. Many filters will help you get what you want. You can even display only farms which are not in your farmlist yet.

Farmlist analyser

Monitor, analyse and improve the performance of your farmlists with Farmlist analyser.

Hero change detection

Determining which attacks are real or fake can be really tough. So let's make it easier with our hero detection system.

Unique group system

Create organised groups either as an alliance, confederacy or just with your neighbours to plan attacks.

Member statistics

Ever wondered how are your members doing in defense, off actions or army management? You can easily view all these and much more through statistics page.

Dual account support

Not everyone plays alone. We give you up to five slots for your dual friends.

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