CSV exports

Version: 1.7.0 Date: 21.02.2022

A big update for all power users and Excel lovers. Many Travco pages can now be downloaded as CSV for your geeky pleasure.

  • Many Travco pages can now be downloaded as CSV
    • attack plan data
    • personal attack timeline
    • defense - incoming attacks
    • defense - sent def
    • resource pushes
    • cropper
    • farmlists - raids data
  • Forms with copy-paste container now display warning for Firefox users.

Individual attacks TS level

Version: 1.6.0 Date: 02.02.2022

In this patch, we ship mainly changes to personal attacks list UI

  • You can now set Tournament Square level for each individual attack - this makes the life much easier for players who change their TS level in-between attacks.
  • Updated personal attacks list UI
    • made the confirmation of sent attack and send button more clear
    • confirmed impact time field is no longer required -> you can leave it blank and write a note now when you don't send an attack
  • Added additional information (troops, TS, ...) to village strength detail 

Cropper and Push statistics update, fixes

Version: 1.5.1 Date: 18.01.2022

Minor improvements based mainly on user feedback - improved cropper and subsidy statistics, updated FR translations and fixes

  • Both Cropper and Subsidy statistics now include additional info - player alliance, player population, player village count and total player sent resources per population and per village count (thanks Pampecuk for this feature idea!)
  • Added some missing and improved existing FR translations (thanks Tikiii and Lydia!)
  • Fixed broken village troops count update (thanks shon!)
  • Fixed searching for single-letter alliance in Inactive search (thanks Tanglee!)
  • Fixed some broken links in Inactive search (thanks Failware!)

Quality of life improvements, fixes

Version: 1.5.0 Date: 10.01.2022

In this update, we ship mainly quality of life improvements for attacks and artifacts planning, as well as a couple of fixes

  • Mass attack update in attacks planning has been reworked - it no longer updates all attack attributes, but only the chosen ones.
  • Artifacts planning filter has been reworked - you can now filter out "disabled" attacks and filter artifacts of specific types and sizes at once.
  • Updated attack reports after Travian changed how dead/wounded troops are displayed.
  • Fixed weird overflow on some pages on mobile devices (thanks to Tikiii for reporting this issue).
  • Fixed send test notification button in attacks sometimes not working properly.

Attack planning (Ops) tutorial:

Send attack push notifications

Version: 1.4.0 Date: 22.12.2021

In this update we introduce push notifications to help offensive players remember to send their attacks :)

Notification to send attack is now in Travco!
Travco Plus+ members can now set up to 3 notifications for each attack (30 seconds to 30 minutes timespan). You can subscribe multiple devices to receive notifications, so you can be reminded to send an attack when working on PC, or when sitting with your phone on the toilet. Hurray.

To set up your notifications:

  1. go to your attacks list and click "Notifications" button at the top left
  2. allow Travco to send you notifications
  3. set the timers
  4. try it out by clicking the "Test" button
  5. repeat for other devices where you want to receive notifications

Attack planning UI updates, subsidies fix

Version: 1.3.1 Date: 02.12.2021

A couple of smaller updates and a fix in this patch

  • You can now see number of rams, catapults and level of Tournament square of each attacker when planning an attack
  • Fixed a rare issue where the subsidy merchants would be counted multiple times.
  • Updated a couple of FR translations (thanks Kiara!)

French, wounded troops, other improvements

Version: 1.3.0 Date: 18.11.2021

Travco now speaks French! We have also added wounded troops to the attack reports and other smaller quality of life improvements.

  • Travco now supports another language, French. Big thanks to Pokedex alliance for their help with the translations. If you are willing to help us with translation to other language, please reach out to us on our Discord channel.
  • Attack reports now correctly include wounded troops.
  • It should now be more apparent how to leave a group on Travco - you can do so directly from your profile.
  • When sending attacks, you can now see how many troops and catapults you will need for fakes (Plus feature).
  • Finished subsidies are now ordered  by their create date, not by filled capacity percentage.
  • Merchants of the subsidy receiver are no longer counted to the subsidy amount.
  • Inactive search now remembers the last coordinates you input.

Minor fixes and improvements

Version: 1.2.2 Date: 27.10.2021

This patch includes minor fixes and improvements

  • Improved performance of statistics (ladders) page. Some metrics are now updated on an hourly basis, instead of immediately.
  • Displaying Travco membersip in statistics page.
  • Fixed ordering of villages by population, ram and catapults count.
  • Fixed some translations.

Leaderboard resources sent and fixes

Version: 1.2.1 Date: 25.10.2021

This update contains updates to Subsidy feature, Group member invitation flow and smaller fixes

  • Leaderboards now show the sum of sent resources by each member
  • The option to join Group by password has been deprecated - you can now join only using invitation link
  • Showing last updated date in Subsidy feature
  • Fixed invitation link usage list page not showing
  • Fixed merchants in subsidy sometimes being duplicated

New feature - Subsidies

Version: 1.2.0 Date: 18.10.2021

In this update, we are shipping a new feature - Subsidies.

Subsidising your teammates is common in Travian. But how do you manage and keep track of them? With Subsidies, it is simple. All it takes is uploading the data from your marketplace. To learn more about the Subsidies feature, you can check the video below.