Smaller UI updates

Version: 1.1.1 Date: 13.10.2021

In this small patch we ship a couple of smaller user interface updates (thank you Aotiv for your suggestions!)

  • Added Attacker and Target headers in attack planning preparation
  • Added tooltip to the "not a catapult speed" triangle in My attacks section
  • Added pricing link to the sidebar for authenticated users

Leaderboards update

Version: 1.1.0 Date: 09.10.2021

Update focused mainly on the leaderboards section, implementing some long requested features

  • The UI of leaderboards was refreshed and made more mobile-friendly
  • Added member strength development graph
  • Added member alliance name + ability to filter on it
  • Added rams and catapults count to village leaderboards + possibility to filter and sort on them

Leadership functions update

Version: 1.0.4 Date: 27.09.2021

Smaller user interface update


  • Updated interface of following Leadership functions
    • group settings 
    • inviting new members
    • group membes
    • ranks setup
    • missing players
  • Fixed several typos in translations

Homepage update, Reviews and Documentation

Version: 1.0.3 Date: 21.09.2021

  • Refreshed the design of homepage
  • Added user reviews
  • Initialised the work on Travco documentation

Minor Improvements and Fixes

Version: 1.0.2 Date: 15.09.2021

Several smaller improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed Cropper statistics page error if village of incoming merchant was conquered
  • "Is in Farmlist" icon in Inactive search now lists the farmlists names

Minor Improvements and Fixes

Version: 1.0.1 Date: 31.08.2021

Several smaller improvements and bug fixes


  • Fixed unpacking attackers and targets in Attack planning
  • Improved performance of Farmlists upload
  • The success message after Farmlists upload now contains a warning if there are losses or defeats in any new raids
  • Minor visual changes on pricing page


Version: 1.0.0 Date: 30.08.2021

After almost exactly two years of development, we are excited to announce the official release of Travco 1.0!


When we started developing Travco, it was from pure joy for the game, it's community and programming itself. Never would we thought that in two years, Travco will become so popular that it will be too costly to continue paying it from our own pockets. As we didn't want to clutter Travco with ads, nor make it paid-only, we came up with 3 subscription plans which you can choose from. We're keeping the core functionalities free, but supporting us and the development by choosing any paid plan is very appreciated.

  1. Basic (0€) - Free version of Travco, assigned automatically upon sign-up. We kept all the core functionalities in this tier. Suited for casual players.
  2. Plus (2.99€) - Unlocks advanced features for individuals (such as farmlist analytic, personal attacks planning and more). Designed for all players who want to step up their game.
  3. Professional (6.99€) - Unlocks all Travco tools, including advanced Group-managing features (such as group attack planning, integration of Discord/Slack bot and more). This should be a clear choice for all alliance leaders.

I'm going to be fully transparent with you - since most core Travco features have already been implemented, majority of new features in the future will be made exclusive for paid subscriptions.

As a thanks for YOUR immense help throughout the beta testing, we've made a limited time offer for all beta-testers with 30% OFF the paid subscriptions. Be sure to get yours before the offer expires in Travco pricing.

Also, all paid subscriptions include free 30-day trial period and we will notify you by email 7 days before your trial expires.


Farmlist Analytics

Improve the performance of your farmlists with Travco! Travco makes it incredibly easy to identify under-performing farms or farms which you should be looting more.

How Farmlist Analytics work:

  1. You upload the page with your farmlists to Travco.
  2. Immediatelly, you can see all of your farmlists, targets and latest attacks. We parse all available information and as a result, provide you with overall, per-farmlist and individual target statistics on
    • Overall and average loot
    • Looted capacity of your troops
    • Number of Victories, Losses and Defeats
  3. As a result, we show you the information about
    • Which farms are under-performing or where you should be looting more
    • Where your troops die often
    • The most productive hours when to send your farmlist (especially useful on international servers)
    • How well are you doing over time (e.g. average loot or losses)


Inactive Search

Inactive search was always a feature we knew we wanted to make. However, with so many great tools already available, we knew our implementation needs to be made right to find its spot.

We've integrated Inactive search with the Farmlist analyser so that you can see and filter by which villages are (or are not) in your farmlist. On top of that, there are 11 more parameters you can use in finding inactives, including e.g. maximum tolerated population increase, or minimum inactivity duration.


Cropper/Supply Feature

The Supply feature can be used to perform coordinated subsidies to a Group member or to manage food supply in villages with large negative production of food. For example heavily defended villages or World Wonder.

Travco will help you avoid difficulties with garrisoning large amounts of troops by displaying your future status of granary, taking into consideration incoming merchants. You are also provided with statistics by each day, hour and individual player's contribution.

Periodic merchant routes

You can set up Periodic merchant routes directly in Travco. This is especially useful in cases where the supplying village is so close, that you rarely manage to report the incoming merchants from itTypically, this is an issue when supplying World Wonder from special villages made for crop transformation, as these are usually right next to the World Wonder.


Discord and Google Integration

You can now link your account to Discord and Google for quick login and signup. We're especially excited for the Discord integration, as link between your Travco and Discord account opens up a whole new space of possibilities in the future. Manage in your profile → Navigation button → Social accounts, or click this link.


Link Invitations

Travco now supports Invitation Links to share your teammates. They can be used as

  • Group invites (find in Group management → Navigation button → Invitation links)
  • Dual/Shared account invites (find in your profile → Navigation button → Invitation links)



  • From now on, we are supporting all classic Travian Legends servers (the number of active servers will increase from current 5 to approximately 90).
  • You can now sign in using your email instead of nickname.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed Travian server data being updated infrequently - it should now update daily.


Pretty urls, bugfixes, and translations

Version: beta 2.3.2 Date: 21.02.2021

In this update we shipped many bugfixes and we also reworked urls which should be now friendlier. Also we made an option for group creators to give their "creator" role to someone else so they could leave the group at any time. 


  • Group creator can now leave a group. It is mandatory to select a new leader. The group is deleted when the last member leaves.

Bug fixes

  • Translations on some form fields.
  • Shifted village overview columns with summary of units.
  • Artifact user village hammer speed being pre-set to lowest value on update.
  • Sometimes not disappearing tooltips in artifacts planning.
  • Incorrect time to regenerate of killed defender's units.




Warning triangles by attacks 

Version: beta 2.2.3 Date: 02.02.2021

Warnings that hero xp/gear changed now show by attacks.

Search in area

Version: beta 2.2.2 Date: 11.01.2021

In this patch, we have added a new tool to search member villages in an area (leadership permissions needed to use this feature).

Search in area

You can now scan an area around some coordinates for units of Group members.