Major Travco Overhaul

Version: beta 1.0.0 Date: 21.06.2020

Beta 1.0.0 version of Travco brings HUGE changes to nearly all functionalities. Most prominently, it brings many changes to Defense, Artifacts and Reports applications. Many UI parts of Travco have been reworked to be friendlier to mobile users.


Travco UI has been improved in many ways.

  • UI features have been standardized both in their position on the screen and useability.
  • Users can now switch between Groups straight from the view.
  • A new dropdown button on the top left side of the screen has been added. It serves for quick navigation between connected functionalities. This is extremely useful mainly for def/off generals, as it allows them to hide the sidebar and have more screen real estate in most situations.
  • Mobile users can now hide/show the sidebar with a swipe.
  • Profile and Group pictures are finally functional! (this is more of a bug fix, but still ...)



Defence planning is a function that Travco is most loved for, so we approached its rework with a lot of respect. We tried to keep all its great functionalities while adding awesome new features and fixing some bugs.

  • Attack analyser
    • Users can now analyse slowest troops in the incoming attacks. This allows you to check whether there is a possibility that the attacker is sending catapults or not.
    • The process can be both manual, or automatic (when reporting over the rally point). You just select the last time you checked Travian (and the attack was not coming) and Travco does all the calculations for you, for all the incoming attacks. Pretty neat, right?
  • Defence inbetween attacks
    • You don't need a calculator to send a def in between attacks anymore. Travco shows you all the possible combinations of troops you can send with a countdown timer and count of attempts you have.
    • Many bugs and missing features fixed.
  • Request for permanent defence - new feature
  • Fixed Hero equipment and experience change reporting.


Attack Reports

Until now, we felt that attack reports have not been used to their full potential. With this update, we made attack reporting and sharing them to the group much more useful.

  • The attack report information is presented in a much more concise way, resulting in greatly improved useability, mainly on smaller devices.
  • You can check the expected strength of attacker, which is calculated using all your available reports of the attacking village. There are three projections of strength - minimum, average and maximum.
    • minimum strength is achieved by training troops in only small barracks and stable - newbie player
    • average strength is achieved by training troops in both small and large barracks and stable  - normal player
    • the same as average, but also with 50% troop training duration artefact - experienced player
  • Integration with other Travco applications
    • reports have been fully integrated to the Defense part of Travco application - you can check all available reports for an incoming attack with a single click. 
    • more will be coming with Attacks app rework.



The problem with artefacts on Travco has always been that they were somewhat confusing for the players. With this update, we ship mainly UI changes with some improvements.

  • In the artefacts planning, group leaders can now also choose "send all attacks". This is mainly a shortcut to send all attacks from a single village, as previously you would have to choose "hammer", "catapults" and "hero" individually, which sometimes led to confusion.
  • Added more checks to help prevent misuse, mainly in the planning of artefact attacks.
  • Fixed clunky design of some forms.
  • Visual updates.



Groups come with dual support and some little enhancements

  • You can manage your group's memberships inside your profile along with all duals