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Once the artifact has been locked (see previous sections), the players will be able to see which attacks they're supposed to send in Artifacts -> My attacks in the sidebar. For example, see how this type of attack in the planning translates to the My attacks section viewed by the players.

You can see, that the player has information about

  • where he is supposed to attack
  • which attack type he is supposed to send
  • who are his teammates that he should coordinate the attack with
  • travel duration of his teammates

Obviously, the player who has the longest travel duration should send his attack first. He can let his teammates know about his impact time by clicking the Edit button (on the left) and filling in the form. The player can also write a custom note for his teammates. On the image below, we can see that the catapults player has already sent and confirmed his attack impact time. It is now the responsibility of hammer player to send his attack a few seconds before the catapults impact, and hero player to send his hero right after.



The progress for every artifact can be monitored by the leaders at Artifacts -> Leadership -> Artifact villages in the sidebar.