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The Artifacts feature is used to coordinate an efficient plan for conquering artifacts once they are spawned on the server.

The planning is performed in two steps:

  1. Preparation - setting up villages to attack from
  2. Coordination - uploading villages with artifacts, search for optimal attacks and their execution


1. Preparation

In the preparation phase, you input to Travco all villages which can be used in the artifacts plan. It is recommended to do this at least few days before the artifacts are spawned on your server.

  • villages with hammer
  • villages with Treasury and hero
  • villages with catapults
  • combination of the above


2. Coordination

At this point, all your member villages should be prepared in Travco and you should be waiting for the artifacts to spawn.

Once the artifacts are spawned, you can simply copy paste your Treasury to Travco. It will automatically calculate shortest routes of your players to each artifact and allow you to mark hammer, catapult and hero attacks for each artifact village. When planning the attacks, you can filter by type and size of artifacts.

Every player will be able to see attacks which has been marked for him, coordinate with other players going to the same target (for example, if catapults are sent with someone else than hammer) and send an attack there. Leaders can monitor how all the attacks are going.